Track Events


SCCA Track Events (Formerly known as Performance Driving Experience, or PDX) let you push the limits of your vehicle. Take your driving to the next level at a Track Event!

Do you have what it takes? 

Track Events provide an instructional environment for drivers who simply want to improve their driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their street vehicle. True to the “run what ya brung” adage, all it takes is your street car, a valid license, and an approved helmet.

Track Events are about you, the driver. Plenty of seat time, plenty of individual instruction and driving exercises make up a TE; all of which is designed to educate you and make you more confident behind the wheel, both on the track and on the street.

Learn from racers about being a racer, learning comes from doing, so let’s get doing it.

The goal here is to improve on the talents that you possess, plus improve your ability to make good decisions while behind the wheel.  Everyone wins, plus you get to prove your ‘stuff’ and improve. You WILL become a better driver!

The all day Track Event participants receive a solid blend of driving instruction, ranging from the classroom to in-car training to “follow me” drills. Track Night in America nights are more brief with drivers meetings.

A wide range of topics are discussed and shown at a Track Event:

  • Following a “racing line”
  • Passing zones
  • Speed limiting
  • Other general driving techniques

Of course, each driver receives feedback from his or her instructor at the end of each lesson.

What does it cost?

You can attend a TE as either a driver or a volunteer worker. And if you are on a budget, volunteering is the way to go!  You’ll get time on the track (with an instructor if you wish) and free lunch.  It won’t cost you anything and you still get the benefits!

SCCA Competition License Holders –  If you have a license you can be an instructor…and we need you!  It takes 10-12 instructors at every Track Event. Instructors are allowed to run in the advanced groups.