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Join the SCCA & Land O’Lakes Region

We’d love for you to join one of the fastest growing local racing clubs and have you be part of our close-knit group of members.  So, whether you’re interested in spectating, racing, volunteering, meeting new people, or socializing, we have it all for you here within our club! 

  1. To sign-up online, you can Join Now! You have the option to sign up for an individual or family membership.  Go through the registration steps and also make sure to include the Land O’ Lakes region as your home region.  If you would rather talk to someone directly to sign up, you can call the SCCA membership hotline at 1-800-770-2055.
  2. There is an abundance of opportunity in our club to participate whether you want to race, volunteer, or network with club members. For more information about our local club, click here to view our about page.

SCCA Volunteer

Passion for motorsports comes in many different forms. It is more than just driving, and there are a million-and-one ways to get involved.

Running an event requires the talents of a wide variety of dedicated individuals. Whether it’s Rally, Solo or Road Racing, our members enjoy serving in all types of exciting positions.  Get close to the action and build real world skills for the racetrack and beyond.

Come join our group of automotive enthusiasts, get up close with the cars, the people, the track, and the festivities.

Volunteer Positions of Interest

  • Announcer:  Shot call the on track action to spectators in the paddock.
  • Course Marshall:  Recover stranded race cars and assist other on track personnel.
  • Flagging and Communication:  Put on a white uniform and throw flags to keep drivers informed on track.
  • IT (information technology):  Setup and take down racing radios, networks, and computer systems.
  • Paddock Marshall:  Organize race trailers and transporters during load in to facilitate paddock usage.
  • Pit Marshall:  Monitor pit lane, enforce safety, and communicate issues to race control.
  • F&C Race Control:  Control and coordinate on track activities from the tower. 
  • Race Steward:  Ensure racing fairness and safety by ensuring racing procedures are followed correctly.
  • Race Registration:  Check in drivers and volunteers for each event.
  • Grid Marshall:  Organize race cars by qualifying order before they enter the track.
  • Starter:  Flag at the Start/Finish line.
  • Timing & Scoring:  Operate timing and scoring computers to publish race results.
  • Race Chair:  Lead event organization overall. Schedule vendors, organize hospitality, support other teams.
  • Emergency Services:  Respond to racing emergencies both on and off the track.
  • Tech Inspector (Scrutineer):  Check racecar safety and rule compliance.
  • Hospitality:  Organize event meals and events for SCCA members.

Go Road Racing

Getting started in wheel to wheel racing can be daunting. The first place to start is at the SCCA national website for Road Racing.

Next you will need to get familiar with the General Competition Rules, and Cars .  After reviewing the GCR you should contact us so we can pair you with an experienced SCCA member if you still have questions about rules, requirements, and car classifications.

Go To A Track Event

To get started driving your car in a high performance environment visit the main Track Event web page.

If you want to attend a Track Night in America event visit the national website first at https://www.tracknightinamerica.com/.

Go To An Autocross

To learn about Autocross style racing you will want to view the the SCCA Solo web page.

Go To A RallyCross

When offroad racing on dirt and gravel is the goal you can first check out the SCCA RallyCross web page.

Go To A RoadRally

To learn the basics about RoadRally events visit the SCCA RoadRally information page.

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