Road Racing


SCCA Road Racing, also known as Club Racing, is true wheel to wheel motorsport. Competition is fierce and excitement is on the next level.

Want an authentic door to door racing experience?

Road Racing is an organized competition between prepped racecars. Rollcages, helmets, firesuits, HANs devices and other safety equipment are all required to race in close quarters.

Cars vary from high horsepower sedans, to Mazda Miatas, to open wheel formula cars.

Road Racing has several requirements that must be met to participate:

  • Approved racecar with SCCA logbook
  • Driver safety gear
  • Competition licensing

Although it can seem overwhelming, racing side by side with other drivers is more accessible than ever. Contact SCCA Land O’Lakes and move up from Track Events and HPDE to the full racing experience with help from our competition licensed drivers!


Tech Inspection
SCCA LOL has several Scrutineers that can issue logbooks for racecars. Annual tech inspection is also available.
View the latest annual tech guidelines here.

Competition Licensing
SCCA full competition licenses can be acquired in 3 ways.

  • Attend the SCCA License School hosted by CenDiv (SCCA Central Division)
  • Attend a recognized licensing school such as the annual event hosted by BIR Performance Driving School
  • Transfer a recognized license from another racing organization

Find all necessary licensing information at the SCCA National website.


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