Final results for the February 16th, 2019 RallyCross at the Williams Farm venue.


The SCCA LoL RallyCross ogranizers are actively seeking a new site to hold our events. If you are a landowner interested in helping out the grassroots racing community please contact us.

First timer rallycrossers: please read through this Rallycross Novice Guide to understand what to do.

Want more information about SCCA Land O’ Lakes region RallyCross events, check out our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mnrallyx/ .

Not sure you want to compete yet? Come out to watch and see what it’s all about, spectating is free, everyone just needs to sign a waiver when you get there.

The RallyCross Experience

Who would think racing in dirt was fun?  WE DO!

This is without a doubt the easiest way to get sideways. Powerslide your way to grins and quick times on a budget. 

Rally race on a budget, and do it locally with other enthusiasts just like you!  Sound like something that you might want to try, here you are.  SCCA RallyCross enjoys the quality structure of a sound event with very low entry fees and safety requirements to ensure that you have fun, and not break the bank.

RallyCross is similar to autocross, but on dirt. A short course (typically 0.25-0.5 miles in length) is set up using cones. Cars must navigate the course as fast as possible without hitting any cones. A street car and an M2005 helmet are all that is required to get started in this exciting form of motor sport.

Events are free to watch, some people even offer ride-alongs.  Bring a chair and some sunscreen or just walk around the pits, everyone is friendly and usually willing to talk about their car or the event.

Here is a short video done by Neil O’Laughlin at one of our events.

Who can compete in RallyCross?

Anyone with a driver’s license and a hard topped car that can pass Tech Inspection.

Most people use their daily drivers with snow tires, but all-season and sometimes summer tires have gotten people wins.  Cars range from stock Nisson Maximas to heavily modified Subaru Imprezas ready for stage rally and everything in between.

Things to do before the event:

The main things to do:

  • Sign up at MotorSportsReg.com for the next event
  • Prep your car by going through the Tech Inspection list to make sure it will pass
  • Make sure your tires have adequate pressure (most people run around 40 psi depending on the car and tire)
  • Figure out your car class
  • Pack the items listed below
  • Get ready to have fun!

Other things that will be helpful:

  • Read up on the SCCA RallyCross Rules
  • Check out the Quick Reference quide below
  • Get your friends to sign up or come watch
  • Watch some cool rally videos to get inspired

What to bring to a RallyCross event:

Required items:

  • Yourself
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your car that will pass Tech Inspection
  • Magnetic numbers (painters tape works well also)
  • FRS radio with good batteries (radios can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Menards, and other good retail stores that have electronics)
  • A legal helmet (Snell rated 2010 or newer is most common; see the helmet labeling guide) – we do have a limited supply of loaners available

Nice items to have:

  • Plastic tote to keep your stuff dry and out of the dirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Warm clothes/rain jacket
  • A portable folding chair
  • Food and drinks (please leave the alcohol at home)
  • Tow strap and shovel if there’s rain or snow
  • Portable air compressor and pressure gauge
  • Basic tool set
  • Windshield cleaner and paper towels
  • Spare tire(s)
  • Jack/jackstands
  • Battery impact wrench

What to do when you get to the event:

  1. Sign the SCCA waiver and get a wrist band (either at the entrance or the registration table)
  2. Check in with registration (verify your class and car number)
  3. Unload your car and put your numbers on
  4. Go to Tech Inspection (sometimes Tech Inspectors will be walking around checking cars)
  5. Go walk the course, ask questions if you don’t understand anything
  6. Attend the drivers meeting

Other helpful information and links:

Registration Site

Event quick reference guide

SCCA RallyCross Wikipedia Page

SCCA RallyCross Rule book

SCCA Land O’ Lakes RallyCross Championship Rules

SCCA Land O’ Lakes RallyCross Facebook Group

SCCA Land O’ Lakes Facebook Page 

Downloadable forms:

Minor Waiver

SCCA Waiver

Tech Inspection Sheet(helmet requirements out of date)

Contact Us:

Fill out the form on the contact page with questions or comments.