We Need Volunteers, Skill Share Opportunity

Join SCCA LOL at Westside Volkswagen on Sunday, April 23rd at 11:00am for a Volunteer Skill Sharing event.

Visit our Volunteer Information Page to learn more about the different race track activities you can volunteer for.

Land O’ Lakes region has a long history of road racing. Road racing, as with all SCCA activity, is staffed entirely by volunteers. Unfortunately new volunteers are few and far between and the “old hands” are a part of the greying population. We currently staff events at Brainerd using the absolute minimum of workers.

Our annual Tech Day is on Sunday, April 23rd at Westside Volkswagen. We are combining this with an open house type of event, which will start at 11:00am. The specialty chiefs will briefly explain what their specialty does, to be followed by breakout sessions where people can ask questions and get more information. We are requesting your attendance. If you are a member but not currently active within the club, come and find out how to become active. If you are active within the club, then ask your family members if they would be interested in volunteering. Bring spouses, friends, coworkers, and children (not all specialties are “hot” areas). Do you know anyone who is interested in motorsports and might enjoy volunteering?

Please help us continue to run high quality events. We hope to see you there.