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SCCA Road Racing in Minnesota

SCCA Minnesota | Just what are the classes that compete in road racing?


The following categories define the 27 classes that compete in SCCA Club Racing National events throughout the year and their participation totals determine which will take part in the Runoffs:

• Production – Series produced cars which are allowed a range of performance modifications while retaining their original design, structure and drive layout;

• Formula – The six formula classes are all single-seat, open-wheel race cars;Open wheel Formula Fords

• Prototype – Purpose-built road racing cars with full composite bodies, yet underneath, these cars are pure racing machines;

• Sedan – Comprised of American muscle cars such as Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs and Mustangs with production-based chassis and modified suspensions and brakes;

• Touring – High performance cars which, because of their performance potential, required some changes to their wheel/tires and suspension components;

• Grand Touring – Purpose-built, highly-modified “silhouette” replicas of series-produced sports sedans;

• Super Touring – Designed to allow late-model production-based cars more extensive modifications such as including wings, engine swaps, etc.,

• Spec Miata – Provides the opportunity to compete in low cost, production-based cars with limited modifications, suitable for racing competition.Copywrite 2016 http://www.comicozzie.com All rights reserved comicozzie@juno.com

The best way to better understand these categories is to visit us when we are in our element, at the racetrack.  Talk to as many people as you can to better understand their passion and see how it aligns up with yours….you might be competitors and just in need of the right car to show up and win.