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Introducing the new volunteer blog

For when you can’t, don’t, or won’t be racing!

Below you will find the latest announcements and news for the Land o’ Lakes Region SCCA volunteers. If you have news or want to contribute to our blog below with interesting articles or information, send the inquiry to Emily Jenkins at emily.raskob@gmail.com.

Volunteers are at the heart of our Land o’ Lakes community. The SCCA national club was originally formed from a group of enthusiasts that shared a common drive – to enjoy racing. They helped each other out and showed their friends how they were having fun. The SCCA has been growing ever since, and now there are regions across the US. 

Here in Minnesota, the heart of the Land o’ Lakes region, the seasonal weather doesn’t get us down! While the “off season” does give us a chance of reprieve to pause and re-assess strategies, it also offers a whole new kind of play ground. Check back with us throughout the year.

10/28/2018 VIP program and various updates

As we prepare to wrap our 2018 season we have a few updates. Julie Hammons has graciously agreed to join our Race Chair committee! Jack Pine Sprints was her first event as race chair and all in all things went smoothly and fun was had all around! Thank you for your support Julie. We are still seeking support for our growing committee and ask that if you are interested to let us know! Feel free to contact Emily with the above email or any one of the board members listed on the board member page. We have also had a few new volunteers step up to join the in the race chair committee tasks informally. Mike Jenkins has began helping with the trophies and awards (task 04 below) in a big way, and his wife Lainy Jenkins has joined Deb in the hospitality tent (task 07 below) and shown a real interest in taking on more for us next summer! Maybe we have potential new committee members?! The current committee will have to take a vote on it! We are growing our program by leaps and bounds this year!

The VIP points have been re-tallied and posted on the VIP page. A points redemption form has been added also!

We are launching our online merchandise store at the annual award banquet event November 3rd at DeGidios in St. Paul and hope you can all attend to see it and ask questions. You will be able to use the VIP points for merchandise! Also, if you have 6 volunteer points (or worked all 3 road race events this summer) we kindly invite you to register for free under the volunteer registration section at msreg.com. Check your points on the VIP page! There will be help with this at the banquet if you have questions.


6/13/2018 The launch of the (road) Race Chair Committee

With the Race Chair position opening up after the Mid-Summer Event the Region has decided to divide and conquer the race chair duties with a new Race Chair Committee. Everyone has day jobs that help support their racing hobbies so naturally it is hard to find a singular individual that can do it all. If you, or someone you know could help, please consider making introductions. The tasks listed below come from the basic Race Chair Manual and are required to host a road racing event.


Track Contract

Before an event can occur, a facility is required. This is where the track contract comes into play. The Region Executive, with the approval of the Board of Directors, is responsible for signing this contract.

The contract needs to be reviewed annually and compared to the previous year. This position will require some contact with the track organizers and the board to coordinate and facilitate communication. Once signed, the contract and the notes needs to be distributed to the competition committee, the race chair committee, and the Treasury. 

This is an annual responsibility that is primarily required in the early spring before the road race season begins.


Race Entry

The Race Entry is prepared by the competition committee and includes the race event description, schedule, supplemental regulations, list of race officials, and the entry form.

The Race Entry needs to be sent to the SCCA national office with the sanction application, postmarked 45 days prior to the requested event date to avoid excess fees. After an event, the competition committee requires standard count reports.

This responsibility will be approximately three times a season as we have 3 standard races we host each summer. The need here is for someone to facilitate the communication between the competition committee and the race chair committee and manage and assist the paperwork and documents required and produced. Details of the each event and roles and responsibilities amongst stewards will be chosen and need be announced.



Once the sanction number has been produced for an event, an insurance application is filled out by a competition committee member and sent in to the SCCA national office. Two types of insurance are issued for our events. After each event an insurance audit is performed.

The need is to communicate with the competition committee and make sure applications are handled on time. The documents then need to be managed appropriately, making sure copies of insurance certificates are distributed accordingly. The audit form is filled out and submitted.

The main responsibilities with this role require the volunteer’s time throughout the summer managing event insurance forms. There will be a lot of communication occurring with the competition committee and the race chair committee, as well as the SCCA national office’s Risk Management division.


Trophies and Awards

Trophies and awards are distributed on the regional, divisional, and national level at times. 

The need here is for some research, execution and distribution. The primary concern is at the regional level, providing a meaningful,  exciting and engaging experience for drivers that win!

The individual responsible for trophies and awards will be required to be at each of the 3 events in Brainerd. This individual will distribute the trophies and awards post race. There are typically 6 races after lunch each day (Saturday and Sunday). This individual may also assist with distributing general awards at the evening banquet or at the worker lunches.


Staff / Volunteer Management

Competition Committee determines the race officials for the Race Entry and Sanction application. Once the race officials are determined, it is necessary to reach out and follow up with each specialty to ensure the equipment and support staff is available for the jobs to be done effectively, accurately, and safely.

This is a great position for a social butterfly. Before and after each event – all throughout the summer – this person communicates and coordinates solutions for the specialty areas. Maybe Timing and Control tower needs a printer, maybe corner workers need fresh ice on an especially hot afternoon.

This role will help match the best volunteers into the best suited roles, maximizing volunteer efforts. This is a role for someone who really wants to see and learn every facet of the race event year round. This is truly a “track mom/dad” position. This is a vital role for communicating and coordinating all track specialties.


Pace car & driver, lunch track tours, side event fund raisers

This role is totally scale-able. It could be as simple as arranging the pace car and driver, or as big as coordinating for side events that generate excitement and enthusiasm for all attendees at the event.  

The need here is not as great since the pace car and driver have been provided by the track in the past. The region currently has established a standard of providing track tours during the lunch hour to raise money.

This is mainly a day of only requirement. This individual would collect donations from the drivers touring the track as they enter the grid area. Beyond that, it only involves as much pre-work as the volunteer wishes to contribute.



Hospitality is provided at each race event by the region on Saturday evening. This also includes worker luncheons.

The hospitality volunteer will coordinate tent, table, and chair rental, catering arrangements, grocery needs, and day-of volunteer support. Our events typically host ~70 volunteers and ~150 dinner attendees.

This is a pretty large role in the race event. This is a great way to make the best impression on our attendees! This role might be compared to the equivalent of hosting 3 weddings in one summer! This could be a role for multiple volunteers. Day of attendance is a must. Involved communications throughout the season is required. Off season research and unique, creative solutions from the Brainerd lakes area are appreciated.


Dedicated Go-fer

The go-fer or gopher is the person at the race event that does the majority of the leg work running from place to place attending to various needs of the onsite crews.

The main need is usually ice and water for corner workers. The subsequent tasks are then Gatorade or soda run to grocery store if more is needed. Coffee shop for coffee and donuts in the morning. Sometimes dinner is required to be picked up from area restaurants. For dinner beer is typically provided as well which requires a trip to the liquor store.

This role requires event attendance (3x weekends a year), and a truck or rather large SUV. This person could be handling region money to make transactions as necessary when purchasing items to be delivered.

Going live with the VIP program

The Volunteer Incentive Program, recognizing leading community members since 2017.

We finally have the VIP data funneling into the VIP web page. Please check it out and our newest highlighted community members. If you have someone you think should be highlighted, send their name and short bio into the VIP program lead Emily Jenkins (emily.raskob@gmail.com) or a Region member. If you have a volunteer list for a Land o’ Lakes region event or a volunteer that you feel was missed on our lists, notify and send that data as well.

The volunteer incentive program was the idea of many appreciative region members. Please thank Kathy Gillen, Mary Utech, Julie Hammonds, and Joan Bendix, among many others for helping to push to prioritize this program and get it launched. Our club is all volunteers and every one of our races are completely volunteer ran. The passion for car sports drives us all!