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SCCA Workers – Volunteers | Get yourself close to the action!

Every SCCA race car driver, crew, and family member put their faith in every racing event they attend.

Cars on the track need one thing over all others; people that make the race a success.  I am talking ‘Workers’.  These are the people that make things happen.  They are the ‘eyes’ for every racer coming into a corner (corner workers).  Ask any driver who has been on track will talk about the ‘story’ they have to replay.  What they many times won’t reveal is the work from the corner workers all the way to registration.

We have events coming up very soon, so if you haven’t tried it, please fill out the form here and talk to someone who has experienced the sounds, the track, people and the competition up close.

SCCA Workers are amazing, they pull together events so things go smoothly, every minute, every lap, every checkerd flag, and impound session.

What do volunteers do?  Check out some of the jobs to the right! 

SCCA Workers | Do you have what it takes to give it your all and join this fast action playground? 

Making your story great involves being connected to others that bring out your best and rely on your developed skills. Attention:  This is a sport where being ‘Comfortably Inactive’ is not the goal.

Volunteering at SCCA events creates opportunity

Getting up close to the action is hard to describe, experience it!

Your passion for motorsports comes in many different forms.  Motorsports is more than just driving, and there are a million-and-one ways to get involved.

Running an event requires the talents of a wide variety of dedicated individuals. Whether you’re talking Rally, Solo or Road Racing, our members enjoy serving in all types of exciting positions.  Have the need to show your leadership, marketing, managing chops in a manner that makes weekends greater than your current normal?  

Come join our group of automotive enthusiasts, get up close with the cars, the people, the track, and the Saturday night party (of course).

SCCA Workers / Volunteering | Get up close to the action!

Now What?
Send an email to sccalolr@gmail.com and we’ll get you started as a volunteer or driver.
Or check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SCCALOL and find out when the next event is.  You’ll find registration info and lots more.  Join us!

How about bringing / demonstrating / working on your skills in one of the following areas:

  • Announcer:  Think about that time you wanted to call the event, voice talented, come join us!
  • Course Marshall:  Drive your truck on track, deliver needed services to corners, to where you are appreciated.
  • Flagging and Communication:  Dressed in white, delivering quality that improves the racing experience, best seat in the house!
  • FM Communications:  Have a clear, calm command of your voice?  Deliver leadership on track….
  • IT (information technology):  Geeks start here; set up and monitor online processes, network, timing, scoring, get connected.  Performance starts here.
  • Paddock Marshall:  Key player, every vehicle in paddock must adhere to the protocol, organized, efficiency here.
  • Pit Marshall:  Keeping the ‘Hot Pits’ under control, want to feel the action, talk to drivers / crew?  It’s Hot here!
  • F&C Race Control:  Calm voice, leadership driven, pulling it all together ‘live’. 
  • Race Steward:  High level Strategy performance here.  The overall event leader.
  • Race Registration:  Detailed, Structured, Passionate work starts, happens here.
  • Grid Marshall:  Want to pull together / line up millions of dollars of hand crafted performance cars?  Yes, right here.
  • Starter:  Every eye is on your move…call the ball.  From Start to Finish, tower over the high speed fun!
  • Timing & Scoring guru:  Detailed information minded people love working here.
  • Race Chair:  Work on your platform skills, people skills, Giving trophies to the winners, now that’s fun!
  • Emergency Services:  Be counted on, be proficient, professional in saving lives, plus a great seat to watch racing.
  • Tech Inspector (or the fancy term Scrutineer):  Have an eye for safety, watching out for well built craftsmanship and the safety talk with a car owner that needs to make improvements, saving lives, improving racing.

The people that you will meet come from all over the world to participate and bring events to a higher level. 


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