SCCLAC Solo Schedule and Guidelines

The SCCLAC Solo schedule has been updated. Check the calendar for cancellations and location changes.

SCCLAC Guidlines for 2020:

Scclac -Sports Car Club of LaCrosse

Thanks to everyone for being patient while we get things worked out. Below is a summary of our event guidelines for the 2020 season. Please read this fully and carefully.  This is the first time for our volunteers and participants to be running an event this way. Please be understanding if there is any confusion or delay. You can do your part to help the event run smoothly by reading and understanding everything in this message.

First, we will not be able to hold events at Southeast Technical College this summer. The school is not allowing outside organizations to utilize space on campus, including outdoor space. While this is unfortunate, the school has been very supportive. We respect their decision and look forward to being back there as soon as we can.

Second, the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway has made additional dates available to us and we will be moving the events planned for Southeast Tech to the Speedway. So the event scheduled for Sunday June 14th, 2020 is on!

Schedule: Sunday June 14th, 2020

Registration: 8:30-10:15

(Don’t be late. We have been very flexible with late entries in the past, but can’t anymore.)

Technical Inspection: 9:30-10:30

Drivers Meeting: 10:45

First Timed run: 11:00

We had a good experience at the MOWOG events this past weekend. We will be following their example within the limitations of our site and equipment. If you attended those events, then you know the drill.

1. Spectators and pit workers are discouraged. If someone is not driving, it is best to stay home.

2. Ride-a-longs are discouraged. We want to make it possible for people having DNF trouble to get help and to get new people introduced to the sport so we are not going to prohibit it. Both the driver and passenger will need to wear masks or a full-face helmet with the visor down.  Avoid car hopping.

3. No loaner helmets; no sharing helmets. I think this is obvious. Helmets must be Snell M2000 or newer.

4. Bring your own stuff. Helmet, pens, paper, tape, numbers, tools, food, water, etc.  In the past we have been able to provide things. We will now direct you to go into West Salem and buy your own.

5. Waivers, entry forms, and payment will be done in the paddock. Fill out your stuff and put it with your money under the wiper of your car. Forms can be printed from our website to be completed in advance. Stay with your car and we’ll pick them up. Please bring correct change. $30 for members $40 for non-members. Best practice would be to fill it out in advance and stick everything in an envelope with your name, class, and car number on it.  If there’s foul weather, place on dashboard.

6. Observe social distancing at all times, especially when not working or running. We will put someone in the paddock before the event to answer questions and do tech, but keep your distance from each other and stay away from the people doing registration, timing, and scoring.  Leave extra space between cars in the paddock.

7. You must work your off heats or designate a substitute.  Work assignments will be handed out during tech.  Anyone over 70 will not be required to work.

8. Radio use will be limited. If you are assigned a radio, it’s yours for the day. Keep it with you. No swapping. We will have corner captains with radios call in cones so only they, timing, and starting need radios. Nobody else. Put them in a container at the end of the event and we’ll hose them down with alcohol. If you want to bring your own and use it, that would be great. We thank you in advance.

9. When you are at the event, wear a mask, face shield, or full face helmet with the visor down when not in the car. No exceptions. If you don’t want to, stay home. If you fight it you go home with no refund. We are there to have fun and play with cars. If you want to play politics, go somewhere else.

10. No lunch break. Run and done. Get in; Drive; Go home.

11. If we choose to post times, stay spaced out and don’t touch the sheet. Otherwise look at your time on the clock when you come in and if you care, write it down for yourself. Stay away from timing and scoring. We will post results on the website after the event. Thank you for being patient.

12. We plan to provide awards at the end. We will set them out and let you pick them up. There is no need to take one if you don’t want to, but during this process stay spread out and keep your mask on.

13. If you are sick, stay home.

14. If you have been around someone who was sick within the last 2 weeks, stay home.

15. Bring hand sanitizer and use it. If you want gloves, bring them too.

16. No course walk. Parade lap(s) only.

17. No late arrivals. Unlike in the past, closing time is closing time. If you show up late there will be no one available to help you.

18. Portable toilets in the paddock area will be available for use “at your own risk”.

19. Drivers meeting will be limited. If you have run with us before, then you know the drill. If you’re new to the site or have questions, then ask in the paddock during tech and registration. If we have a lot of new people and need to have a meeting, we’ll figure out a way to do it at a distance.Stay Healthy-See you June 14.
Rick Albrechtson, Secretary, SCCLAC