2017 Award Winners

Driving is a blast, and it’s even more fun when you win!

Following are the 2017 Land O’Lakes and Solo Award Winners (Scroll down) Click the red button for CenDiv Results

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Nose to nose – Samantha Silver #88 and Chris Craft #7 Mazda Miatas


Land O’Lakes

                2017  Region  Awards

  • Judy Krause Worker of the Year
    Julie Hammons
  • Skogmo Memorial Award
    Most Improved Driver in LOL Region

    Rick Buan
  • Road Racing Rookie of the Year
    Andrew Jenkins
  • Ron Mann Awards
    Rob Woolston and Kathy Gillen
  • Brooke Kinnard Award
    Bill Collins
  • Sportsmanship Award
    Matt Lawson
  • Crew Members of the Year
    Tamara Schaal, Mary Utecht and Emily Jenkins
  • RallyCross Driver of the Year
    Zachary Lamb
  • RallyCross Sportsmanship Award
    Brian Chabot


  • Solo Driver of the Year
    Jeremy Anderson
    Solo Rookie Driver of the Year
    John Bartlett
    Road Racing Driver of the Year
    Mark Utecht

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LOL Championship Results



    • T4
      1st Tom Daly
      2nd Chris Knuteson
                                • T3
                                  1st James Berlin 
                                • T2
                                • 1st Bill Collins
                                  2nd Darrell Peterson 
                                • STU
                                  1st Tom Daly
                                  2nd Rick Buan 
                                • 3rd John G Glowaski 
                                • STL
                                  1st Mark Utecht 
                                  2nd Patrick Price
                                  3rd Cody Lindman 
                                • SRF3
                                • 1st Matt Gray 
                                  2nd David Schaal 
                                  3rd John L. Brown Jr 
                                • SRF
                                  1st Dave Cammack 
                                  2nd Greg Eick
                                  3rd Sven Mueller
                                • SPO
                                  1st Thomas Fuehrer
                                • P2
                                  1st Nate Smith
                                • SM
                                  1st Chris Craft
                                  2nd Samantha Silver
                                  3rd Greg Youngdahl
                                • ITS
                                  1st Glen Wilson
                                  2nd Michael Campbell
                                • ITR
                                  1st Robert Roth
                                • ITE2
                                  1st Matt Lawson
                                • ITE3

                              1st Phil Magney
                              2nd Craig Stephens
                              3d Thomas Noble

                            • ITA

                          1st Greg Youngdahl
                          2nd Patrick Price
                          3rd John G Glowaski

                        • HP

                      1st Jimmy Griggs

                    • GTL
                    • 1st Terry Orr
                    • GT2
                                • 1st Keith Anderson
                                  2nd Guy Dirkin
                                  3rd Tim Gray
                                • GT1
                                • 1st John Copham
                                  2nd Guy Dirkin
                                  3rd Edward Dulski
                                • FP
                                • 1st Zane Emsted
                                • FP
                                • 1st Steve Flaten
                                • FF
                                • 1st Anthony Foster
                                  2nd Allen Murray
                                  3rd Ethan Mackey
                                • FE
                                • 1st John Copham
                                • FC
                                • 1st Mike Fowler
                                • FA
                                • 1st Steve Thomson
                                • CFF
                                • 1st Bruce Drenth

Solo Awards



  • 1st Larry Basegio class: Super St
  • 1st Pete Glasspoole  C Street
  • 1st Jeremy Anderson F Street
  • 1st John Qualheim H Street
  • 1st Bailey Placek  ESP
  • 1st Rick Placek    SM
  • Solo Driver of the Year:Jeremy Anderson
  • Jeremy consistently sets fastest time at our events.  He’s generous with his time and helps novice and experienced drivers find the fast way around the course.  Finally, he took a 5th place in FS at the TireRack SCCA Solo Nationals in 2017.

Solo Rookie of the year: 

John Bartlett

John has consistently run times close to members with many more years experience.  Additionally, he has volunteered to help with the “heavy lifting” which is always welcome at solo events

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