2018 SCCA Land O’Lakes Board Members


Our Board of Directors welcome your ideas and input.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board, start by attending the monthly meetings.  The General Election is in October, just prior to the Awards Banquet in November.  Nominations are accepted by RE Mark Utecht in September and October.

Land O’ Lakes SCCA 2017 Board Members

Board of Directors

Title                            Name                        Phone Number                            Email


Regional Executive          Mark Utecht               612-875-3646             mlutecht@gmail.com

Assistant RE                     Kirk Bendix

Treasurer                          John Hertsgaard

Secretary                          Mary Utecht

Member at Large            Julie Hammons

Member at Large            Jon Belanger

Member at Large            Glen Wilson

Member at Large            Aaron Jongbloedt

Member at Large            Jimmy Griggs


Competition Board

 Board Chair      Jimmy Griggs                612-916-4562                   jimmygriggs@gmail.com

 Club Racing

  Solo                   Rick Albrechtson

Road Rally       John Emmons

Road Rally       Clarence Westberg

RallyCross        Kelley Dunphy


Last Update: 7/9/18