AutoX update:  Spring Fever RallyX

at the Rice County Fairground, Sunday, May 7th.

Register at

There’s more information on the registration page about helmets and classes.

Hope you can join us—you’ll have a great time!

Updated Schedule and Upcoming Events

Click for pdf:  2017 MN Racing Schedules-master-2

Solo / PDX here in Minnesota

SCCA Solo-PDX | Seat time, Passion for driving, Is this You?

2017 SCCA PDX and Track Night America events are scheduled, we’re racing! 

Click here for dates and registration infofor Track Night in America series of AutoX

PDX, or Performance Driving Experience is a full day of classroom and driving.  You’ll have instructors available to help you find your line and dramatically improve your speed and car control.


The second PDX of 2017 is here on Saturday, October 14th, at Dakota County Technical College.  Registration opens on August 15th right here.

 AutoX (Autocross) is also known as “Solo”. 

AutoX are individual events that are timed. 

Track Night America:  Join us after work on weeknights!  Click here for more info  

O’Reilly Street Machine Nationals Autocross Results and Pictures from 2017

Will be posted here.  O’Reilly Street Machine Nationals Autocross

 Mark your calendar for the 2017 PDX event October 14

Solo-PDX/Time Trials –  if you have a comp license you can be an instructor…and we need you!

Want Minnesota Solo/AutoX / PDX excitement?  Click here for the Full Schedule (pdf) or MET COUNCIL COMPETITION SCHEDULE-2017

We need 10-12 instructors at every PDX event.  Bonuses will be given to volunteers and instructors.  Instructors are also allowed to run in the advanced


Being a racer is much different than talking about it.  Anyone can talk or tell a story about some ‘moment’ while driving around an on-ramp or straight stretch of road.  How about taking it to the next level and proving it. 

Do you have what it takes to be a Racer? 

Performance Driving Experience.

Learn – from racers about being a racer, learning comes from doing, so let’s get doing it.

The goal here is to improve on the talents that you possess, plus improve your ability to make good decisions while behind the wheel.  Everyone wins, plus you get to prove your ‘stuff’ and improve.

Participants receive a solid blend of driving instruction, ranging from the classroom to in-car training to “follow me” drills. A wide range of topics are discussed and shown at a PDX, including: following a “racing line”, passing zones, speed limits and other general driving techniques. Of   course, each driver receives feedback from his or her instructor at the end of each lesson.

What does it cost?  If you are an SCCA member it’s only $150 for a full day of seat time.  If you are a non-member it is $170 which includes an SCCA weekend membership


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